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***** One of the finest in historical-fantasy genre *****

All in all, this is one of the finest in the historical-fantasy genre. This rating is for its uniqueness, its story, its complete lack of vulgarity and rough language, its splendid characterisation, its fantastic pace, and its treatment of the central character. This is a fast read, and is a riveting book, one you really shouldn’t be missing if fantasy and / or historical fiction is your thing. As you put it down after the last page, you feel a distinct regret that the next part is not available…


***** Captivating and Emotionally Submerging *****

The mythological and fictional mixture is very perfectly handled by the author which does not insult one of our epic books, Mahabharata. Author has discussed Mahabharata in various parts as a conversation and through it, also tried to explain many spiritual and human concepts like karma, life, death, guilt, ego, mind games etc. Every instance of Lord Krishna is worth reading and re-reading in this book. Even the mention of Ramayana comes in between which is also interesting to read and how the karma of people in both the stories are connected due to being Avataras of the same God is an intriguing read altogether. Best part for which I would remember this book is whenever the Mahabharata is dictated in a conversation to any of the characters.


***** Crisp Editing and Strong Plot *****

I am a big guzzler of mythology and the way the author has interpreted different incidents from Mahabharat, makes one realize it is more than the meeting of eyes. I believe writing about mythology or weaving a story around the same is not easy. It has already been narrated “N” number of times, it is not simple to present existing event, from a different and logical point of view. In mythological books, there is a good chance of losing reader interest, if the author is not imparting something interesting. Thankfully Gunjan Porwal succeeded on all these fronts and nowhere have I felt like giving the book a miss.


***** A Superb Read *****

It’s been a long time I’ve come across a book that lives up to the expectations of its cover. In all, Gunjan Porwal delivers a true engaging masterpiece that keeps us gripped throughout the book and makes us eager to await the well deserved sequel.


***** Mesmerizing and Captivating *****

I would recommend the book to everyone book lover and non-book lovers too because it is simply mesmerizing and captivating and a must read. You will be missing out on a lot if you plan to overlook this book.


***** Spell-bounding story *****

The story is intriguing enough and is a must read for all those who are deeply interested in learning more about epics and wish to ponder deep into the reasoning behind every incident. Even if you are not a believer of all this, this spell-bounding story will make you fancy those epic stories at least for a while.

***** Excellent, and beautifully crafted *****

Gunjan Porwal, picks up the story several years after the great war fictionalizing Ashwatthama’s life after the Kurukshetra war.

He delved into the pages of the great epic to find references and create an enthralling storyline about the life of Dronacharya’s son and the rise of Dandak, one of the most formidable Asura.
Every page is laced with mystery and suspense. The plot is excellent and beautifully crafted to keep the readers hooked and craving for more.

Everybody deserves a closure. So did Ashwatthama. Gunjan Porwal, found a fantastic way to answer the million dollar question every reader of Mahabharata had…Is Ashwatthama still alive? Walking on this earth, doomed till eternity?


 ***** Written beautifully, fast paced and gripping *****

Overall, I would love to read more by the author in future and I highly recommend this book especially if you are an Indian mythology fiction lover. You will definitely enjoy reading this book. This is my first book by the author and definitely not the last one after reading it.

***** Best part is the ending, truly sensational *****

Ashwatthama’s Redemption – The rise of Dandak is more thriller with Mythology theme. There is always an element of surprise as you turn the pages. The book is a breezy read. Gunjan writing is elegant and keeps pace with the story. But the best of the book is it’s ending. You’d be shocked to no end. A truly sensational ending, I must say.


 ***** A truly interesting read *****

Twists and turns apart, the book also offers us some valuable insights into the working of the karmic cycle along with offering some nuggets of wisdom to chew and ponder on. The lesser known tales pertaining to the Mahabharata, its characters and Krishna, make interesting read and offer a better understanding of the epic. While the plot is interesting, the style of narration complements it. The climax too is like ‘Wow! What next?’


***** Story is greatly paced *****

Furthermore, in contrast to most books in this genre, the story is greatly paced and keeps us snared. The best part for which I would recommend this book is the discussion points of Mahabharata.


***** Extremely interesting story *****

The action in the book is extremely fast-paced. The entire story is littered with many fascinating little-known facts and details about the Kurukshetra War.


***** Loved the way author has written about Ashwatthama *****

Overall, its a great read, if you love reading Mythological fiction. It will truly keep you hooked and engaged. Now, I hope there is a sequel to this hope, which I am sure will be as gripping as this one.

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